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1PWL Tools  v.6.0.1509Utilities / File Management-Shareware757 Kb
2Join text files combine and merge csv files into one from multiple files Software!  v.9.0Business / FinanceFreeFreeware1.95 Mb
3Windows Files Recovery  v. / Backup$69.00Shareware680 Kb
4Delete Files Windows XP  v. / File Management$16.90Shareware1.64 Mb
5Get Back Windows Files  v.2.0Utilities / File Recovery$69.00Shareware2.94 Mb
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1MakePwl  v.1.2Utilities / System Tools-SharewareDetail

Using MakePWL you can automate PWL files creation

61 Kb
2PWL Tools  v.6.0.1509Utilities / File Management-SharewareDetail

Using Pwl Tools you can view PWL files, recover lost login passwords and more.

757 Kb
3Advanced Windows Password Recovery  v. / Password Recovery$60.00SharewareDetail

A program to recover all types of Windows passwords - logon password (when user is logged on), screensaver password, RAS/dial-up passwords, passwords to shared resources etc. It also runs brute-force and dictionary attacks on" class="desclink">Windows 9x PWL files.

1.69 Mb
4Password Protected LockUp  v.2.9Utilities / Miscellaneous$20.00SharewareDetail

By default Windows 9x/ME has a password security bug which allows the screen saver and system passwords to be extracted from PWL files. This can be resolved by using a computer security software which will add the password protection and the network

724 Kb
5DataLogChanger  v.1.0Home & Education / ScienceFreeFreewareDetail

DataLogChanger can be used to convert huge ASCII Data Log files (i.e. .CSV format) into a format for further use in other tools. I started to invent this tool when I wanted to use 4Gigasamples Oscilloscope log files for plotting and as PWL input in ...

0 Kb
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1Recover Data for FAT and NTFS  v.1.1Utilities / File Management$69.00Shareware2.94 Mb

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2Windows Disk Recovery Tools  v.3.0Utilities / File Management$49.00Shareware3.64 Mb
3Delete Files Permanently (File Shredder)  v.3.0Utilities / Disk Utilities$24.95Shareware4.5 Mb

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4Data Recovery Software for Windows  v.7 2.0Utilities / Disk Utilities$69.00Shareware2.94 Mb

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5Wise Undelete Windows Files  v.2.8.0Utilities / File Management$49.97Shareware7.76 Mb

how to undelete windows files, restore windows files, undelete windows files, recovering windows files

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